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The Most Interesting Person in the World
The Latest Release from Renowned Author H.A. Weidman
Upcoming Releases from H.A. Weidman
Now available on Amazon in both printed form and in Kindle format, H.A. Weidman’s newest release, The Most Interesting Person in the World, is a refreshing, dynamic look at how anyone can become more interesting, more effective, happier, and more successful.

Mr. Weidman addresses the reasons so many people are unhappy, why so few are leaders, and why so few succeed in seeking the respect and admiration of others.

It is an exciting journey into the world of self-improvement, and is a must for every library.

Whether you select the paperback edition for only $14.47 at the special "Direct from the Author" price or whether you go electronic and choose the Kindle edition for only $9.95, it is a truly incredible value.  We urge you to click the purchase button below, and you can start taking advantage of this incredible source immediately.

Coming soon and available in Kindle format will be Mr. Weidman's definitive work on marriage, separation and divorce, titled Surviving Divorce - What to Do Before, During, and After the Lawyers Arrive.

Please watch for it.
Here's the link to the Kindle edition
It's an age-old story.  The person in the front of the room, whether on stage in a seminar or in a work session, is the one getting everyone's rapt attention.  Why is that?  Why is that person, who actually knows less about the subject than you do, grabbing the spotlight, and not you?  Well, it can be you.